A Bank Street College Best Book of the Year 


One of Huffington Post's "Fifty Inspiring  Children's Books with a Positive Message."  


The Weaver

Written by Thacher Hurd,

Illustrated by Elisa Kleven


Farrar, Straus and Giroux, April 27, 2010

“Kleven’s soft, painterly illustrations depict a multicultural cast of characters going about their days and dream-filled nights in different parts of the world, and the weaver returns home to her own family in the sky at book’s end, providing a satisfying conclusion to the gentle, lyrical bedtime story.”

-- Kirkus Reviews


“ ...this fanciful title offers an opportunity for children to settle down with a reassuring, positive message of comfort, security, and global connectedness.”

-- Booklist


“The fanciful illustrations reflect the story’s sense of celebration, portraying children, their families, and friends sharing small but significant moments in a kaleidoscope of springtime colors. Tiny characters of all nationalities enjoy life in a sun-drenched landscape while the gentle weaver and her adorable gray kitten watch from above. This dreamy story offers a reassuring message of love and security.”

-- School Library Journal


To learn more about the WEAVER, read the post by Julie Danielson:


Here are  photos of some of my own tapestry weavings, a favorite art form of mine :


I thought about making all the pictures for THE WEAVER in tapestry, but changed my mind after misspelling the "Straus" in  "Fararr, Straus and Giroux" on the title page, and realizing it would take me several hours to un weave that one typo (weavo.)

My rather thick threads also seemed too bulky and "Wabi-Sabi" a medium for illustrating the ethereal beauty of Thacher's mystical weaver's creation, composed as it is of dew and spiderwebs, emotions, memories and sunlight (which are all of course Wabi-Sabi, too, in that they are ephemeral  and natural, if much finer than my weavings.)