A San Francisco Story

published by Heyday Press (Please see slideshow on my "Portfolio and Prints" page to view more scenes from this story.)

When Shirley bakes herself a gingerbread treat to bring to school, the last things she expects is for him to leap out of her lunchbox and begin gobbling everything in sight.  A wild chase ensues -- on foor and by cable car-- through iconic San Francisco neighborhoods.  When the gingerbread boy says "And if you try to make me stop, I'll swallow the sun like a butterscotch drop!" Shirley realizes she must rein him in -- not by eating him, but by giving him the affection he craves even more than food. 

"The images lend themselves to dreamy immersion into detail and a rainbow of colorful splendor. Children familiar with the original “Gingerbread Man” tale should enjoy the happy re-envisioned conclusion of friendship and baked treats.  While this picture book may seem to be just another addition to a San Francisco gift shop, the splendid illustrations, cultural diversity, and lyrical rhymes give it a wider audience.  -- School Library Journal

"Each spread radiates vibrant, multicultural life, and they are filled with curves, swivels, and diagonal lines to echo the gingerbread boy's riotous behavior.  A playful retelling of a classic folk tale, winningly illustrated. "  -- Kirkus Reviews

"In Elisa Kleven's retelling, the self-centered cookie is redeemed thanks to the faith and generosity of his friend Shirley.

Kleven's richly colored pages -- a blend of watercolor, ink, pencil, and collage -- overflow with detail, rewarding repeat readers. And the themes of forgiveness and kindness make it a terrific conversation-starter with young kids."  -- Common Sense Media

“A truly wonderful book.” --Ginny Golden, senior community library manager, Contra Costa County Libraries


"This is a lovely, fun version of an old classic that should definitely catch on fast!" --Feathered Quill 


"A fun and different spin on the old classic, The Horribly Hungry Gingerbread Boy: A San Francisco Story, is a delight. Told with heart and creativity, a great story about love, friendship, and adventure. So delightful.”   -- Mrs. Mommy Booknerd's Book Reviews

“The exuberance of this rhymed retelling is fun to read aloud and the pictures are a marvel to show to young readers. Kids can pour over the intricate street scenes and parents can enjoy the author's witty view of San Francisco.” --Dan Hess, branch manager, Fort Bragg Library


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Kathie Johnston's quilts featuring the Horribly Hungry Gingerbread Boy and a few august children's book friends.
A few gingerbread collage children made by children
Jose-Luis Orozco, Elisa, and theGingerbreadBoy