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friendship wish


From Elisa:

Please click on the following  link to learn about the inspiration for this book. You will also see that the original title was quite different from the current one. 


If you want to purchase THE FRIENDSHIP WISH and can't find a copy, please contact me.  I have some!


Dutton Children’s Books, October 2011

Farley the dog is new in town and looking for someone to play with. He dreams of a friendly angel, who sings and dances and makes him crispy gold pancakes. In the morning the angel is gone, or is she? While searching for his vanished friend, Farley finds all he was looking for -- and then some.


“Kleven deftly interweaves fantastic and familiar elements, and kids will recognize how imagination, support, and shared activities can inspire fun and connection. The lively, lyrical prose is illustrated with colorful, intricate mixed-media artwork that includes droll details that invite close viewing. Enjoyable all around.” 

 -- Booklist


“Kleven’s collage illustrations in a cheery, mostly pastel palette capture Farley’s range of emotions and the spirited actions of all the creatures in this gentle tale. Most dramatic is a nighttime scene that shows the starry sky full of the dreamed angels of each of the new friends.” 

 -- Kirkus


“Kleven has created another story revealing the power of imagination. Children will enjoy the fantastical happenings.”

 -- School Library Journal


In this lovely story, young readers will discover the powers of their imaginations. Elisa Kleven has once again touched magic in this picture book." -- Children's Literature



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