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 An  American Booksellers’ Association Best Book for Children, 2013 

A Chicago Public Library Best Picture Book of 2013


Creston Books, September 2013


Richly illustrated, Kleven’s latest picture book feast presents a year of everyday wonders, giving children an opportunity to snuggle up with a parent and enter into a warm, cozy world, where even the planets are tucked cozily into bed along with the shining stars.


“Each bit of simple poetry is bountifully expressed in collage-and-watercolor artwork that is filled with children, families, and pets enjoying their days. The pictures have a childlike look that will immediately endear it to young readers. A nice way to get children thinking about their own special, cozy moments."

 -- Booklist 


“Cozy Light, Cozy Night” is a fantastic verse paean to the seasons, interwoven with detailed, multi-sensory images and beautiful specific pictures of delightful seasonal joys and days, and nights. The word “cozy” is broadened in its definition by being presented in all four seasonal references, and many poetic images, helping children learn enriched word shadings. “Cozy Light, Cozy Night” presents a vibrant four season world, inhabited by friendly cats, charming children, nurturing adults, and a full rainbow of life experiences. “Cozy Light, Cozy Night” is recommended for children ages 3-9, but children and adults of all ages will enjoy it. 

 --Midwest Book Review


“Kleven takes readers on an appreciative, poetic trip through the seasons, starting with autumn. Each page is a feast for the eyes, with details to keep children turning back repeatedly... Libraries looking for
books on seasons, multiculturalism, celebrating life, or even Earth Day will find that this lovely title fits the bill.” 

  -- School Library Journal


“A visually rich ode to the snug feeling of safety and togetherness that comes with spending time with family and friends. “
  -- Publisher’s Weekly


 “The warm words and enchanting pictures tucked securely within these covers are ideal and comforting companions to readers, young and less-young, who will long to cuddle together and share their charm all year ‘round.”

  --Andrew Medlar, Youth Materials Specialist, Chicago Public Library


“Filled with luminously colored and vividly detailed illustrations, this picture book in rhyming text celebrates that feeling of coziness so often associated with family and home. As the seasons change over the course of the year, all sorts of objects, including dreams, cocoa, birds, sweaters, and apples are described as being cozy. Although it?s wonderful to feel secure and cozy at any time of the year, youngsters experiencing tough times may find solace in this lovely, heartfelt book. There is little doubt that anyone reading this book won’t relate to some of the different objects and relationships that spell coziness for the narrator.”

 -- International Reading Association


“The idea of  “cozy” what drives this deliciously illustrated, rhymed seasonal tale.The pictures are a riot of color and pattern. Readers move through the seasons, starting with autumn, with items one might not think of as cozy but that definitely are: “Cozy toes in fuzzy boots, cozy pits in purple fruits.” Several families of varying ethnicities populate these pages, and their activities display coziness...Winter opens with three children on a quilted, padded window seat, watching the snow fall, while a parent in the kitchen flips hot cakes. The children’s pajamas, the hall rug, snow falling on the rainbow-colored cityscape—all make a kaleidoscope of pattern that one can return to again and again. Every page is like that...”

 -- Kirkus



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