One Little Chicken

Written by Elka Weber
Illustrated by Elisa Kleven 

Tricycle Press/ Random House, 2011


A Sydney Taylor Notable Book


“The colors are rich; the textures and patterns beg to be touched, and the ending is likely to leave readers pondering this story.”

    --School Library Journal


 “Enlivened with Kleven’s vibrant folk-art collage renderings, this tale will have readers thinking twice before ever saying “finders, keepers” again.”

    -- Kirkus


 “In Weber’s straightforward text, Mrs. Bendosa’s well-cadenced voice adds humor (“All this for a chicken we’re giving back?”) while Mr. Bendosa’s refrain --“How much trouble is one little chicken?…is one small goat?…are two small goats?” -- speaks to his mensch-like qualities. Kleven’s varied mixed-media illustrations, depicting an indeterminate Old Country setting, are full of texture and patterns. Some of the pictures are set in frames made up of traditional designs or of humorous image-extending motifs (e.g., tiny goats that dance around the family, bite-sized cheesecake confections). Other illustrations are expansive double-page spreads bustling with village life...”

    -- The Horn Book Magazine