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Tricycle Press, 2005

The third book in the Paper Princess series by Elisa Kleven finds the heroine and her pooch in a search of a gift for their owner in The Paper Princess Flies Again (With Her Dog). In their travels, they adapt a paper flag as a magic carpet, hitch a ride on a kite, and undergo more adventures against the fiesta-bright Mexico backdrop



“Kleven’s lively, colorful, mixed-media illustrations breezily carry the characters from one detailed scene to the next in this original bit of make-believe that speaks to both a child’s creativity and sense of belonging. Fans of the first two books will delight in the princess’ latest fun flight.”  


“This joyous book, with its exquisitely detailed illustrations, is crammed full of delights, just like the pinata that serves as the key to the climax of this wonderful sequel to The Paper Princess Flies Finds Her Way. This title is just as appealing and satisfying as Kleven’s previous books, as she tells the story of the Paper Princess’ quest for a special gift for her human friend, Lucy. ...Reunited with their beloved friend, the story ends with great celebration. The Paper Princess and her dog had set out to find a gift for Lucy and returned with a paper flag that did not seem adequate to serve as a present; but, the story of their adventures is the very sort of present that Lucy loves best of all. Children will love pouring over the illustrations and in doing so will learn a good deal about Mexican culture in the process.” 

    --Children’s Literature

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