A Smithsonian Magazine Notable Book


The Magic Maguey

Written by Tony Johnston 
Illustrated by Elisa Kleven


Harcourt, 1996

“ The MAGIC MAGUEY works on several levels: as a storybook in which the solution to a pressing problem 
comes from a child; as a traditional tale of a country we can’t hear too much about; and as a satisfying 
Christmas legend. Kleven’s delightfully distinctive collages enhance the text with colors and textures.”
 -- New York Times 


"Kleven's pinata-bright collages pulse with energy and color. Her depictions of traditional Mexican ornaments and dress ground the story in authentic and arresting detail." -- Publisher's Weekly 



 "Miguel thinks that the maguey is the best plant in the entire world because of the magical way in which it becomes a roof for their adobe house and thread for his mother to make his clothes...  Kleven's mixed-media collage creations glitter with details and convey an air of buoyant happiness." -- Booklist







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